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  • Are You an Executive and want guidance from a seasoned executive?
  • Would your management team benefit from the training you don’t have time for?
  • Do you want to learn how to make your company more successful?
  • Is this your first startup company and you want to “do it right”?
  • Are you a first-time CEO or an experienced CEO facing some tough challenges?
  • Do you need to raise capital to start or grow your business?
  • Are you a non-Technical executive who wants to learn more about Website, SEO and Digital Marketing?
  • Do You want to join a Mastermind Group to share and learn from other Executive challenges?

Idea To Growth LLC was formed to help Entrepreneurs and Executives learn the Best Practices for:

“Helping You Build Your Business Stronger!”

“The Best Stories Ever Told Consist of 7-Elements.”

⓵ “The 1st Story element is you – the Client – who is always the Hero of the story.”

⓶ “The 2nd Story element is the Challenge that the Hero (you, the Client) are facing.”

⓷ “The 3rd Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) seeks a Guide (Me, the Vendor). The Hero is never looking for another Hero. The Hero is looking for a Guide to point out the Paths to Success and where the enemies are waiting to try to kill the Hero.”

⓸ “The 4th Story element is the Hero (you, the Client) asks the Guide (Me, the Vendor) to help Create a Plan. The Hero trusts a Guide who has a Plan.”

⓹ “The 5th Story element is the Hero (you, the Client) receives a Challenge from the Guide (Me, the Vendor) to push the Hero to Take Action. The Hero is often stuck in neutral not knowing the best course of action. The Challenge from the Guide pushes the Hero into Action.”

⓺ “The 6th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) gets help from the Guide (Me, the Vendor) to Avoid Failure. In stories, the Hero will be faced with Death at every turn, but the wisdom the Guide shares with the Hero enables the Hero to avoid Death.”

⓻ “The 7th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) gets help from the Guide (Me, the Vendor) to find a Path to Success. In stories, the Hero in the end always achieves their goal – saving the boy or girl – or in your case, having a more successful company.”

I have always shared my belief that with every engagement, each person should strive to give the other person a “Great Story to Share”, otherwise, you are wasting each other’s time. I can promise you that this will be my goal should you, the Hero, choose me to be your Guide for your Story.

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We offer a variety of Services to “Help You Build Your Business Stronger!”

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Executive Coaching

With our Executive Coaching options, you will meet 1-on-1 with our CEO, Kenneth Young.

Kenneth will listen to you explain your challenges and work with you to make an actionable plan to attack and solve them.

He is a 25+ year Experienced Executive and Serial Entrepreneur.

Kenneth’s companies have successfully raised over $100M USD.

He has one IPO (Initial Public Offering – Cypress Semiconductor) and several exits to acquiring companies under his belt.

Kenneth serves as an Alumni Mentor at GaTech where he received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.

He serves as a Mentor and Investor Pitch Coach at the Tampa Bay WaVE, Tampa Florida High-Technology Accelerator.

Kenneth has the Executive Experience to Help you Solve the Challenges you Face in most Business Situations.

The Intro-Coaching Chat is:
100% FREE!

Executive Coaching - FAQ

It is a 1-on-1 high impact process that empowers CEOs and other Executive leaders (CXX, Presidents, VP’s)  to better understand their challenges and use those strengths to discover solutions so that they can grow as leaders and grow their businesses successfully!

Step 1: You reach out to me either by the contact form or by selecting a spot on the calendar on this page.

Step 2: We have a 30-minute video chat. During this time we get to know a bit about each other and the challenges you are facing. At the end, if we agree there is a match, we set a date and time for a 4-hour Kick-off Coaching Session. This will either be an 8 am until noon or 1 pm to 5 pm time slot.

Step 3: At our 4-hour Kick-off you will talk 75% of the time. You will describe your challenges. I will ask related questions. In the last hour, we will create a list of OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) designed together to guide you towards a set of solutions.

Step 4: We will have 1-hour followup meetings every 2 weeks (every week if you are in a crisis mode). You will report on your OKR progress. We will discuss how to catch up on delinquent items and the deliverables on the successfully completed OKR’s. 

Step 5: You complete your OKR’s successfully, and having solved your challenges, we shake hands and you move on with your business!

Each person’s needs are different. Initial sessions start with me listening to what you believe your challenges are and where you need help. I’ll ask questions to better get to know your experiences, comfort and distress levels.

Future sessions could include on-site observations and interviews with team members – if appropriate.

During sessions, you will work on developing action plans and sustainability plans.

For more detailed information on the coaching process, please contact us.

First and foremost, you should look for an experienced professional with whom you have good “chemistry” and a positive working alliance.

During the coaching process, you will have to be comfortable opening up to your coach to discuss the personal and professional stressors you’re facing.

You will also have to accept feedback and advice from your coach, so it’s important to find someone you can trust.

You should also review the coach’s working model.

Different coaches have different processes, so look for one that you think will best suit you.

Most IdeaToGrowth coaching clients are based in the Tampa Bay Florida area and sessions take place in person, either in the Idea To Growth LLC office or in the client’s workplace.

However, other clients are based in other parts of the United States.

Phone and video chat sessions also can be extremely effective for Executive Coaching.

Executive coaching is very personal engagement. Confidentiality is important to my clients. Nearly all executives seek out a coach for reasons that they are not comfortable letting board members, direct reports or employees know about. Although executives understand that seeking out a coach to help them improve their skills is a sign of strength, they also know that the less-informed may see the opposite. 

In general, I do not ask my current or former clients to give references, except by written testimonials in some cases (which we can share with you).

If you feel a reference you can speak to is necessary, there may be other concerns about coaching that still give you pause. Please bring these questions up directly.

We can meet either in person or by video chat.

If you are local to the Tampa, FL area, we would meet at the Centre Club of Tampa.


An open mind and a rested mind.

You know what challenges you are facing. It helps many of us to have a list of topics in a notes file before we chat. 


Our first meeting together is exactly like a 30-minute blind first date. We need to chat a bit and learn more about each other. 

You need to get your questions about how I work with you, my experiences, learn a bit about my personality, to see if I’m the right Coach for you and the challenges you need help with.

I need to listen and answer your questions in a way that you easily understand. Only by understanding your challenges, learning a bit about how you are thinking about them, as well as what your challenges are, can I determine if I am the right Coach to help you solve them.

Like I said, just like a blind first date!

Executive Training

Executive Training – Did you take that course in college? I doubt it. Even MBA college students don’t necessarily get hands-on training on ‘How-To’ education on day-to-day business life situations like:

  •  Delegation
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Setting Goals & Tasks for Direct Reports
  •  Talent Management
  •  Change Management
  •  Forward Thinking
  •  Confidence Without Arrogance
  •  Honesty and Integrity
  •  Be a Leader, not a Micro-Manager
  •  Management is Not the same as Leadership
  •  Ability to Listen and Debate
  •  … and More…

You and your management team will participate in four-hour or all-day sessions learning these critical management skills before its too late! You’ll leave with a new way of thinking about how to effectively manage, build and keep strong teams. 


Mastermind Group – What are they?

  • A Mastermind is a group of 4-10 individuals who come together on a regular basis to discuss their challenges and identify potential solutions to their individual challenges. 
  • Each Mastermind is led by a chairperson who will moderate the group at their meetings to ensure each member gets time to broach their key challenge and solicit ideas from the other mastermind members and the chairperson.
  • Each Mastermind member is surrounded by a cross-section of members with both lesser and greater business experience so that all members benefit from the other members’ challenges and experience.
  • From time-to-time, an expert in a specific field (Finance, HR, Sales, Social Media, etcetera) may be brought into a mastermind meeting to answer questions in which most members would benefit.
  • Mastermind groups meet once each month for two-hours from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm ET. 
  • Mastermind groups attendance can be in-person or via Zoom. Every member is capable of seeing, hearing and interacting with all members.
  • Mastermind members can also combine 1-on-1 Coaching with Mastermind group participation and receive a discount. 

The Next Mastermind Group (6 Members + Chair) starts in January 2020 and is forming now. 

Mastermind Pricing:

  • 1-Month Mastermind (Trial): $499.00 
  • 3-Month Mastermind: $999.00Save ~$500
  • 12-Month Mastermind: $2999.00Save ~$3000

** Note: Full Credit for 1-Month and 3-Month Mastermind Plans given towards 12-Month Mastermind.

** 50% Coaching rate discount for active Mastermind members who add coaching to their Mastermind membership.

Ready to learn from those who have faced and are facing identical or similar challenges so you can learn faster and make fewer miss-steps?

Sign up now to be considered for acceptance into the next Mastermind Group. No credit card needed. Click “Contact Me About Joining the Next Mastermind Group” to get started. I’ll contact you for a time to chat by phone and we’ll jointly decide if you would benefit from our next Mastermind Group. No obligation call. 

Executive Training - FAQ


Our first meeting together is exactly like a 30-minute blind first date. We need to chat a bit and learn more about each other. 

You need to get your questions about how I work with you, my experiences, learn a bit about my personality, to see if I’m the right Trainer for you, your team and the challenges you need help with.

I need to listen and answer your questions in a way that you easily understand. Only by understanding your challenges, learning a bit about how you are thinking about them, as well as what your challenges are, can I determine if I am the right Trainer to help you solve them.

Like I said, just like a blind first date!

Step 1: You reach out to me either by the contact form or by selecting a spot on the calendar on this page.

Step 2: We have a 30-minute video chat. During this time we get to know a bit about each other and the challenges you are facing. At the end, if we agree there is a match, we set a date and time for a 2 to 4-hour Training Session on the Topic you’ve chosen. 

Step 3: Training sessions are interactive. I talk. I ask questions of your team. Your team asks questions. There will be some 3-5 minutes quizzes that attendees take on their phones, tablets or laptops.

Step 4: We close the last 10-minutes where I refer attendees to followup material they should read or refer to on the training topic as the needs arise. 

Step 5: I followup by email within 24 hours asking each attendee for an assessment of the value they took away from the training. I follow up with each attendee 4- 6 weeks later with a short inquiry as to whether they used their training since our training session and specifically what part.

I do training only in person. 

If you are local to the Tampa, FL area, we can meet at the Centre Club of Tampa or at your office.

If you are outside of the greater Tampa FL area, I will travel to your location for training. 


Schedule a time for our initial chat. If we agree that we have a match, I will share a detailed outline of what I will be teaching.

After the training session, all attendees will have a membership account to access the slide deck I presented. 

Speaking Services

Raising Venture Capital – Building Investor Pitch Decks – SEO – Digital Marketing – and More! Kenneth offers his speaking services to audiences of 10+ at your offices or a location of your choice. 

Kenneth offers talks on a variety of Startup, Business & Website/IT Topics including:

  • Fund-raising for Startups
  • Build a Successful Investor Pitch Deck
  • Find the Right Investor for Your Startup
  • Monthly Newsletter – Why Having On is So Important
  • Business Websites – Get Your Website Built Right!
  • Personal Brand Website – Get the Job You Want – and Deserve!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for (less-Technical) Leaders
  • Social Media (Digital) Marketing for (less-Technical) Leaders
  • Social Media (Digital) Marketing – Step-by-Step Guide
  • … and More Topics…

My prices are far lower than many expect. I also offer space at the Centre Club of Tampa (Florida) for local businesses to meet for a 90-Minute “Lunch-n-Learn” talks.

Have an Idea for an important topic? Reach Out to me and let’s talk. 

Speaking Services FAQ

Great question!

Start by emailing me about the challenge that you are interested in me speaking on, along with a couple of days/times that you can be available to chat by video, phone or F2F. 

I’ll get right back to you with a matching day/time to talk and we’ll go forward from there. 

You can have as many of your team attend as the venue allows. At my office, I have rooms that can seat 15 and rooms that can seat up to 200. 

Larger venues are available for use based on your needs.

My calendar fills up quickly each year as I accept bookings up to 12 months in advance. 

So, I suggest you book me ASAP. 

I do occasionally have openings on short-term notice, so if a speaker cancels on you at the last moment, reach out and I’ll do my best to help if I have an opening.


I only require that you agree to only use the video or audio for your company and not post the talk on any social media pages where it could be shared with those outside your team.

Educational Product

If you like to learn through books, you can buy my books in your favorite medium – Paperback, eBook, Audio Book, and Book on CD – and learn about how to best tackle a variety of business issues.

My business career has been all about starting, building, launching, growing and then selling high-tech companies. I am constantly bombarded with almost every imaginable question on startups. I can’t answer them all with personal replies, do I decided to write a series of books on the business of startups. 

The first set of writings is a 3-book series I titled “The Successful Startup Entrepreneur Series”.

My 1st book in this series is: “ANGEL INVESTORS TO VENTURE CAPITAL – 10 SLIDES TO STARTUP FUNDING SUCCESS (ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE TO RAISING VENTURE CAPITAL)”. This book was published January 22, 2019 and is available in Paperback and eBook on Amazon.

My 2nd book in this series “INVESTOR DUE DILIGENCE” – WHAT INVESTORS NEED TO KNOW TO FUND YOUR STARTUP” is expected to be published in late 2019.

My 3rd book in this series “THE 4-STAGES OF EVERY SUCCESSFUL STARTUP AND HOW TO NAVIGATE THEM SUCCESSFULLY”. In this series, I tackle every issue that arises in building your startup through the 4-Stages that every successful business will travel – Idea Stage – Build Stage – Launch Stage – Growth Stage – and teach you the lessons of what to do – and not do – as you navigate each business stage.

I also have a series of eBook Guides exclusively for my Club Members via my website. Joining my Book Club is 100% Free as are most of the eBooks. A few of the eBooks will be available to Gold Club members only for a nominal monthly Gold Club Membership fee. More details are coming soon!

Get your 1st eBook:
100% FREE!

About Us

Hello! My name is Kenneth Ervin Young. Thank you for visiting and considering us in your search for a solution to your business and life challenges.

I am what many would call a “Serial Entrepreneur”. I love to discover a great “IDEA”, then “BUILD” a prototype, then “LAUNCH” it to my clients so that I can “GROW(th)” into a Strong Company – then I sell the company – then repeat the “IDEA TO GROWTH” process.

The Four Stages of every Successful Business: IDEA – BUILD – LAUNCH – GROWTH  It’s why I named my company IDEA TO GROWTH LLC.

By training, I am an Electrical Engineer. I earned my degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In this business, I focus on helping Entrepreneurs and SMB’s learn from my 30+ years of building, running & selling Technology companies in Silicon Valley.

  • I’m not going to stop you from making mistakes. It’s been proven time and time again, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.
  • I do promise to try to help you avoid stepping on the land mines that will kill your company.
  • I will also help you feel more confident in the decisions that you make that are the important milestones in your business life.
  • I will help you make the right decisions on the choice of the tools that will help you succeed.

If I sound like a Coach/Mentor that can provide you what you are looking for, then we may have a match  Contact Me.



  • “Ken is a very smart and knowledgeable businessman and has managed large operations. At Alliance Semiconductor as GM of SRAM division, he helped create many leading-edge products and helped grow the revenue from a few million dollars to 50 plus million. I had the privilege of working with him and his team and learned a lot from his constructive criticism and I am thankful for all the opportunities he provided. I also worked with Ken at T-RAM where he was the CEO and I reported directly to him. I enjoy working with Ken and would gladly do so again and would be glad to recommend him.”


    Vijay Chaugule

    Engineering Program Manager at Apple
  • “Ken is a positive team builder. Company meetings always had an upbeat, positive atmosphere due to Ken’s leadership. During my time at T-Ram, I had the chance to work with Ken closely on a project, and he always took the time to explain what he wanted so that the work would be of high quality. I enjoyed working with him and for him.”

    Katy Yanda

    Lead Developer, Automattic Inc
  • “As the part-time Chief Financial Officer for T-RAM, I reported to the Board of the Company and to Ken Young. I found Ken to be a strong leader with a vision on how to build a company. He possessed the knowledge to perform his job, and the ability to know what he needed assistance with – and ask for it.”

    Rich Brenner headshot

    Rich Brenner

    Member Board Of Directors at Anubis Bio Corporation
  • “Ken is a great manager. He is hands-on technically and his business acumen is commendable. His “outside the box” thinking brings successful solutions to complex problems. I am amazed at how Ken handles pressure and still manages to deliver. I learned a lot from Ken during my work with him and highly recommend Ken. He is an asset to any organization.”

    raj-uppala headshot

    Raj Uppala

    Product & Marketing | Emerging Technologies | Entrepreneur | Venture Capital
  • Please check out our new and improved website. .

    I want to thank with for making it possible. He has been truly amazing to work with and has helped make our site even better. Full of information, blogs and go to books to buy.

    Georgianna Strickland Headshot

    Georgianna Strickland

    Owner, &


Kenneth Ervin Young owns many businesses, including this one, Idea To Growth LLC (, the parent company.

Originally I offered many services under the umbrella of Idea To Growth LLC. Services included not only the Executive Coaching, Training, Speaking and Executive Educational products, but also other critical services that businesses need.

These other services included:

  • Website Design, Development, Maintenance & Hosting
  • Website (Page Open) Speedup Service
  • Website Repair Service (Have I Been Hacked?)
  • Social Media Services

As each of these businesses grew, as they should, they needed additional resources. 

Also, having many somewhat related, but different businesses under a single company name, potential new clients found confusing. 

So, I split them up into separate “child” companies:

Each company is owned and managed by me to my highest standards. I stand 100% behind their products, services and customer satisfaction. If you’re 100% satisfied, or not happy, I want to hear from you.
Kenneth Ervin Young, CEO
I also work with a select number of other Partner Firms that compliment my Services and Products. These are firms that are known for their Integrity and High Work-Product Quality. 

MyArea Network
Kenneth Ervin Young, CEO
Email: [email protected]

McIntyre Thanasides Law
Rich McIntyre
Email: (See Website)
Tel: +1 844 511-4800



Bizzee Bee Marketing LLC
Georgianna Strickland, Bizzness Development Manager
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1-813-477-7306


First and foremost, I am here to educate you! That is why our tagline is “Helping Your Build Your Business Stronger!” 

This section contains links to recommended Books, Videos and Podcasts. 

With our Educational Materials, you can choose your best method of learning – Reading – Watching – Listening. 

** I may earn a very small commission on some of the products I recommend. This change goes towards helping us bring you this website. Thank you for your support!



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