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  • Are You an Executive and want guidance from a seasoned executive?
  • Would your management team benefit from the training you don’t have time for?
  • Do you want to learn how to make your company more successful?
  • Is this your first startup company, and you want to “do it right”?
  • Are you a first-time CEO or an experienced CEO facing some tough challenges?
  • Do you need to raise capital to start or grow your business?
  • Are you a non-Technical executive who wants to learn more about Website, SEO, and Digital Marketing?
  • Do You want to join a Mastermind Group to share and learn from other Executive challenges?

Idea To Growth LLC was formed to help Entrepreneurs and Executives learn the Best Practices for:


"The Best Stories Ever Told Consist of 7-Elements."

⓵ “The 1st Story element is YOU – the Client – who is always the Hero of the story.”

⓶ “The 2nd Story element is the Challenge that the Hero (You, the Client) are facing.”

⓷ “The 3rd Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) seeks a Guide (Me, the Coach). The Hero is never looking for another Hero. The Hero is looking for a Guide to point out the Paths to Success and where the enemies are waiting to try to kill the Hero.”

⓸ “The 4th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) asks the Guide (Me, the Coach) to help Create a Plan. The Hero trusts a Guide who has a Plan.”

⓹ “The 5th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) receives a Challenge from the Guide (Me, the Coach) to push the Hero to Take Action. The Hero is often stuck in neutral not knowing the best course of action. The Challenge from the Guide pushes the Hero into Action.”

⓺ “The 6th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) gets help from the Guide (Me, the Coach) to Avoid Failure. In stories, the Hero will be faced with Death at every turn, but the wisdom the Guide shares with the Hero enables the Hero to avoid Death.”

⓻ “The 7th Story element is the Hero (You, the Client) gets help from the Guide (Me, the Coach) to find a Path to Success. In stories, the Hero in the end always achieves their goal – saving the boy or girl – or in your case, having a more successful company.”


I have always shared my belief that with every engagement, each person should strive to give the other person a “Great Story to Share”, otherwise, you are wasting each other’s time. I can promise you that this will be my goal should you, the Hero, choose me to be your Guide for your Story.

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