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Executive Business Coaching
A Brighter Future – Together

Solving Todays Challenges While Building Tomorrows Leadership Skills

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Is This the Next “Big Thing?”

We Help You Analyze Your Idea For “Build” Potential

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Turning Your Idea Into Reality

“Build”-ing Your “Idea” Is When the Dream Becomes Reality
We Help Get There Fast!

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Getting Your First Customers

We Help You Find & Close Those First Buyers

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Ramping Sales to the Millions!

We Help You Succeed and Avoid the Mistakes

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Educational Section

Idea Phase

The Idea Phase is the Start of every business. Some refer to this as the "Dream" phase. Most "Dreams" never exit the Idea Phase.....COMING SOON!

Build Phase

The Build Phase is where you start to turn your "Idea" into Reality! You start identifying co-founders who have complementary skills to yours.COMING SOON!

Launch Phase

Launch Phase is where you take your "Idea" that you've now "Built" and begin to "Launch" it to paying customers! The importance of having a co-founder or employee who is experienced in Sales becomes obvious.COMING SOON!

Growth Phase

The Growth Phase is when you begin accelerating your Sales, hiring more Staff, filling in any missing Key Executives and often looking for your Series A Venture Capital Round to Fund this rapid Growth....COMING SOON!


Every business needs a website. As soon as you enter the Build Phase, it's one of the first things you should have built.

Mobile Apps

Apps are now almost mandatory for many businesses....COMING SOON!

Your Team

The Team members that you need at each Phase of your company will often be different...COMING SOON!

Business Plans

Business Plans are considered un-necessary by many today, but I disagree....COMING SOON!

Company Name

Naming Your Company is a key part of Idea Phase....COMING SOON!

Company Formation

Your Company Formation, also referred to as the "Legal Entity" choice is critical....COMING SOON!


Accounting is an early decision to make during the Build Phase...COMING SOON!


A good Lawyer is worth their weight in gold - just make sure you hire one that doesn't try to take all your gold!...COMING SOON!

Patents & Trademarks

Patents & Trademarks are an area to have regular talks with with legal advisors about....COMING SOON!

Finding Money

Finding Money to start and run your business is every founders key job...COMING SOON!

Investor Presentations

Investor Presentations is a skill every founder must learn...COMING SOON!

Finding Customers

Finding Customers is Goal #1 when you moving into the Launch Phase...COMING SOON!

Sales Presentations

Sales Presentations are the key skill for your VP of Sales....COMING SOON!

Finding Vendors

Finding good, reliable vendors is where a great Mentor network can really help....COMING SOON!


Successful Hiring, or lack thereof, can make or break your Company....COMING SOON!

Marketing & PR

Marketing and PR will be critical in both the Launch and Growth Phases of your Company....COMING SOON!
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Vijay Chagule
Program Manager

Ken is a very smart and knowledgeable businessman and has managed large operations. At Alliance Semiconductor as GM of SRAM division he helped create many leading edge products and helped grow the revenue from a few million dollars to 50 plus million. I had the privelege of working with him and his team and learnt a lot from his constructive criticism and I am thankful for all the opportunities he provided. I also worked with Ken at T-RAM where he was the CEO and I reported directly to him. I enjoy working with Ken and would gladly do so again and would be glad to recommend him. I wish him all the best…— Vijay C.

Rich Brenner
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
The Brenner Group, LLC

As the part-time Chief Financial Officer for T-RAM, I reported to the Board of the Company and to Ken Young (President & CEO). I found Ken to be a strong leader with vision on how to build a company. He possessed the knowledge to perform his job, and the ability to know what he needed assistance with – and ask for it— Rich B.

Bruce Bateman
Senior Principal Engineer
Kilopass Technology, Inc

Ken is very talented technically, a good people person and business manager. He is highly motivated, energetic, and enthusiasitic in his work. It has been a pleasure working with him in the past and I hope to have the opportunity again in the future— Bruce B.

Norma Stiawalt
Sr. Layout Designer
T-Ram Semiconductor

Ken was an inspiring, hands-on leader who encouraged individuals to do their best and think innovatively about the tasks at hand and about tasks that were evolving for the future. He took personal interest in all the employees and always acknowledged their contributions and successes.— Norma S.

Katy Yanda
Sr. Layout Designer
Altierre Corporation

Ken is a positive team builder. Company meetings always had an upbeat, positive atmosphere due to Ken's leadership. During my time at T-Ram I had the chance to work with Ken closely on a project, and he always took the time to explain what he wanted so that the work would be of high quality. I enjoyed working with him and for him.-- Katy Y.

Raj Uppala
Chief Marketing Officer
NimbusRAY Technologies

Ken is a great manager. He is hands-on technically and his business acumen is commendable. His "outside the box" thinking brings successful solutions to complex problems. I am amazed at how Ken handles pressure and still manages to deliver. I learned a lot from Ken during my work with him and highly recommend Ken. He is a asset to any organization.

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About us

We provide Executive Coaching that can Help get You and Your Firm quickly on-track and moving in the successful direction that you want.

We provide Creative Responsive Websites (optimized for all screen sizes) and Hosting Services that get the attention of your new and existing clients around the world.

As an Executive Business Coach, Kenneth Ervin Young is a passionate and experienced Executive Coach, Web Designer, App Developer, Blogger and Life-long Entrepreneur who helps business executives find timely solutions to the most challenging of their business problems through a unique method of interaction whereby he walks you around all sides of every challenge you are facing so that you can see all sides of the challenge, identify multiple solutions, then you choose the best one that works best for you.

As a firm, we do enterprise grade WordPress development and consultancy for high-profile clients across the globe but we’re still the kind of people you’d like to go for a coffee with!

We specialize in high-end WordPress development and consultancy for Small, Medium and Enterprise size companies. We build Enterprise level websites for small and medium size companies at very affordable prices.