SSL Certificate for HTTPS Secure Websites

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SSL Certificate for HTTPS Secure Websites

We Make Your Website Go From a Scary Insecure:


To a Friendly and Safe HTTPS Secure:


With Our SSL Certificate Service Guaranteed for 90-Days ... Special: 1-FULL YEAR!

Need an SSL Certificate for HTTPS:// and No Warnings on Your Website?

Over 50% of Visitors IMMEDIATELY Leave when They See a SECURITY WARNING!

What is an SSL Certificate (and why should I care?

SSL stands for "Secure-Socket-Layer" - Pretty Geeky right? It's best described as Encryption for your website. Encryption (another geeky word) is a mathematical way of scrambling all the information that is transmitted from your website to your visitor's browsers so that it's more difficult for others to spy on transactions between your website and your visitor's browsers.

In layperson terms, an SSL Certificate helps protect the information your website shares with your Clients and the information your Clients share with you! Once you have an SSL Certificate installed on your website, your website visitors will typically see a green lock symbol to the left of your website name (URL). (Note: The presence of an SSL Certificate varies based on the browser your visitors use)

In 2018, Google (and other browsers) began to put various forms of "warnings" next to the website name (URL) in their browsers if a website did not have an SSL Certificate.

Studies have shown over 50% of visitors to a website will instantly leave a website which shows a warning message next to the website name (URL) in the browser.

Can you afford to have >50% of your website Visitors Run Away from Your Website?

Even if you only have what we refer to as a "Standard Business Website" (No eCommerce - Just Location and Hours of Operation info), visitors often check your website out before they drive over. If they see "Warning" next to your website name (URL) because your website is missing an SSL Certificate (HTTP:// NOT http'S'://) many potential visitors could believe your Brick-n-Mortar business is a potential scam too!

Nobody wants their potential Clients to ever think that!

With Our SSL Certificate Service Guaranteed for 90-Days ... Special: 1-FULL YEAR!

Frequently Asked Questions

We Do Our Best to Make it an Easy 3-Step Process.

Step 1: You Pay via Online via our Secure Payments Processor.

Step 2: You Receive an Email with a Link to Log You Into Our Secure Website and Open a Secure Form.

Step 3: In the Secure Form, You Enter Your Website Admin Username and Password. We need this information to be able to access your website server and add the SSL Certificate.

That's it! Pretty easy right?

We install the LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate. When we're finished, you'll receive an email from us. Then just refresh your website and the old HTTP:// "Warning" message or symbol will be "GONE" and your website is fully HTTPS:// ready!

To learn more about how we can help you get an SSL Certificate (HTTPS:) for Your Website, email me at

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