Building Your Website: The Process

Our Goal is Simple: Help Your Business Succeed!

We believe every business needs a website to help them be more successful. While there are too many things beyond our control that can impact the success of your business for us to be able to guarantee that your website will improve your revenue, a website can help your potential customers and clients become more aware of your presence in the marketplace. There are many things you have to do correctly to maximize the positive impact of any website. It starts with the correct selection of a partner to help you through all the steps in the process. It included us as your partner helping to educate you on what you should be looking for in any website you are building, including the critical items necessary to move up higher in the Google Ranking so that your website is easily found by your target audience, keeping your website safe from hackers, and using Responsive Design coding so that your website looks as good on your mobile phone and tablet as it does on your laptop and desktop.

Step 1: Discovery, Plan & Design

We will start our journey together by talking with you to Discover your business processes, how you want to work together and the goals for your website. Our goal is to tailor the website that is tailored specifically to your business goals. We do not believe that there is a “One Size Fits All” website Plan, so we will work together to reach a written Plan on how to Design your website to help your business succeed.
With our co-developed written Plan, we will Analyze your Competition and Design your website to stand-out from your competitors with customized images, content and layout that works equally well on desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones. Combining stunning visuals with customized solutions will allow your website to spark more productive connections with your customers..
We’ll work with you throughout the entire Plan & Design process to help ensure our mutual desire that your new website reflects your brand, captures your customers’ attention, improves user interactions, and ultimately raises revenues.

Step 2: Develop, Test & Optimize

We use WordPress – the world’s premier Content-Management-System (CMS) – to Develop your website. Why? Good question. Currently WordPress drives over 26% of the worlds website and it’s growing FAST! We believe it’s essential to use the best of the latest technologies in order to make your website tell your story to your customers in the best way possible.
Using WordPress in conjunction with the latest HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP and other state-of-the-art web technologies, we ensure that your website works as you would expect across all modern browsers on desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile phone devices.
As we Develop your website, we constantly Test the website to ensure that is works on all modern browsers. We also Optimize your website using the latest Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) techniques to help ensure your website will appear as highly as possible in searches for your business and business type in your area. We do our best to make sure your website is easily discovered by potential customers so that your business can grow!

Step 3: Deploy, Measure & Support

We will Deploy your new website on our high performance servers or with your current hosting provider. Having a strong website hosting service is Key to your Customer User Experience (UX). Without website visitors (traffic), even the most gorgeous website won’t help your bottom line. Getting to the top of the search engine results isn’t a one-step process. Strong keywords won’t get you far without site ranking and search traffic growth. Maintaining analytics and ranking reports to make sure the trajectory for your site is always looking up.
We Measure all key performance aspects of your new website by installing Analytics – software that allow us to track your website and make improvements based on actual usage. We make continuous adjustments to make sure you get the maximum performance out of your website. For many companies today, this continuous website improvement is the difference between success and failure online.
Our ongoing Support will keep your website code current with the latest Browser updates, Security fixes and all CMS and Plugin updates, the latest Performance enhancements and protected from the latest viruses and malware.