Google Business Profiles (aka Google My Business (GMB) Listing) is the FREE Google Search Business Listing that is a “MUST” for every business owner that wants Google FREE HELP in GETTING MORE LEADS that you TURN INTO CUSTOMERS! Grab My Special Pricing Now Before the Price Goes Up!

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What Is Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business)?

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google – including Search and Maps. To help customers find your Business and tell them your story, you can verify your Business and edit your business information.

Why Is Having A “Google Business Profile” Important To My Business?

Having a Google Business Profile has always been critical because it’s often the first thing your customers notice when searching for your Business. The benefits of having a Google Business Profile are many. Here are a few key benefits to give you an idea of what’s to gain by optimizing your Google Business Profile account:

  • A completed Google Business Profile listing can single-handedly improve a business’s local SEO ranking.
  • It sets an immediate first impression for searchers who see your Business’s essential info listed on the right-hand side of the interface.
  • Google Business Profile has Google Maps integration, making it easier to find your Business on the world’s most widely used mobile map and directions app.
  • Direct messaging optionality — customers can send messages directly to your company phone or email via the Google Business Profile interface.
  • Customer reviews are displayed under your Google Business Profile profile, giving your business social credibility that rivals Yelp or Trustpilot.
  • The decline of crowd-sourced review apps like Yelp has helped propel Google Business Profile to new heights. More often than not, I find that customers use Google Business Profile to source opinions and reviews of a business rather than other platforms, so it helps keep your Google Business Profile active and well-curated.

Master Google Business Profile For Better Business In 2022 And Beyond

A recent Google report found that 60% of smartphone users contacted businesses directly through the Google Business Profile interface using the “click to call” option. Google Business Profile is no fad, as most shoppers have used it as their primary contact method with local businesses.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more crucial than ever that you utilize and optimize Google Business Profile to display accurate, updated information about your Business. Think of your Google Business Profile panel as the first point of contact between you and your customer. If your business hours or description are out of date, you can lose a customer’s trust and miss out on the lifetime value of the relationship.

We Provide the Google Business Profile Setup Service that Every Business Needs

Every Business MUST have a Google Business Profile Listing.


Google Search is very biased!

If you DO NOT HAVE a Google Business Profile, statistics show you are unlikely TO APPEAR ON PAGE 1 OF A GOOGLE SEARCH!

If you type in your business name, the first thing that usually shows up is the content set up on your Google Business Profile account. Suppose You Don’t Have a Google Business Profile. In that case, you are unlikely to appear on Page 1 for any of your crucial Search Keywords, and potential clients notice and will often “pass you by” and pick a competitor that DOES HAVE a Google Business Profile.


Google makes it Easy!

  • Step 1: Open Your Browser
  • Step 2: Open a New Tab (usually tap the “+” sign in the tab row at the top of the browser)
  • Step 3: In the Search / URL field, enter your URL “without” the dot com (e.g. “ideatogrowth”). Tap the Enter Key.
  • Step 4a: If you DO HAVE a Google Business Profile, you should see your business in the red box below, with the text “You manage this Business Profile” and WITHOUT the text “Own this Business? Suggest an Edit” text link.
Google Business Profile - GMB - IdeaToGrowth - 1a - Search Found GMB
  • Step 4b: If you DO NOT HAVE a Google Business Profile, you should see your business in the red box below, WITH the text “Own this Business? Suggest an Edit” text link.
Google Business Profile - GMB - IdeaToGrowth - 3 - Search Not Found GMB
  • Step 5b: Only if you see the text: “Suggest an edit · Own this business?” in the search results red box – Tap the text link “Own this business?
  • Step 6b: The page will reload and you should see this next image (but with your business info).
Google Business Profile - GMB - IdeaToGrowth - 4 - Search Not Found GMB
  • Step 7b: If you see the above screen image this means YOU HAVE NOT CLAIMED YOUR GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE!
  • Step 8: You have three choices:
    • Option 1: Do Nothing and Lose all the FREE ORGANIC CUSTOMER LEADS Google can send you.
    • Option 2: Claim your Google Business Profile listing and try to correctly fill out all the fields in the “Best Way” to generate all the FREE ORGANIC CUSTOMER LEADS Google can send you (it’s kind-of technical to do it right).
    • OPTION 3: Contact me at [email protected] and we’ll Set Up your Google Business Profile for you very inexpensively, often the same business day, and Google will START GENERATING YOU FREE ORGANIC CUSTOMER LEADS TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


Setting up a Google Business Profile optimized for helping you get ranked on Google Search is one of our specialties!

We have learned the art of crafting your Google Business Profile so that your Business will “Stand Out” from your competition.

Google Business Profile has rules on image sizes for each section.

Google Business Profile also sets the maximum number of characters in each section.

Would you please keep reading to learn more about the Google Business Profile Services we offer?


If you set up the Google Business Profile “the right way,” you can help your “discovery” of your Business.

Included in our Package:

  • Logo Resizing and Setup
  • Full Setup with On-Page SEO
  • 100 Score with Grammarly (Correct Spelling & Grammar)
  • Add the Business Details and Info you Provide
  • Create a Custom Google Business Profile Cover Image (Your Website Header is often a good choice for consistent “look and feel”)
  • Set Your Business Location on Google maps
  • Set up the Vanity URL
  • Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button Hashtag setup
  • Add Your NAP (Name Address Phone)
  • Add Your Website Link
  • Add Your Hours of Operation
  • Add Your Payment Methods
  • Select Your Business Categories
  • Add Your Description
  • How Long Can Your Google My Business Description Be? Google has set a limit of 750 characters. Seven hundred fifty characters isn’t a lot, so you need to prioritize the details you want to include carefully. Google will only display the first 250 characters of your description.
  • Identify Reviews that Need Your Replies (Use keywords and locality words (city) in replies). You should check at least weekly and respond.
  • Add 4 Posts From Your Blog (No Posts? We can write four blog posts for you! (separate fee)). You should add 1 Post/week.
  • Add 2 “Deep Links” Using Bitly ( ) to Product, Service, or Blog Pages.
  • Set up the First 10 FAQs that are SEO Friendly. (Use questions clients usually ask and reply, at least 10 per month using of course keyword and Location when possible.)
  • Add First 10 Images to Google Business Profile (You should add 10+/Month to maintain and improve your Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page Ranking).
  • Add a Video to Your Google Business Profile. (No Video? We can help!)
  • Identify if the Google Business Profile on the contact page of your website. (Not there? Have your web admin add it. No web admin? We can help!)
  • Identify if the Google Business Profile is displaying Google Reviews on your website. (Not just text! You want to use as many Google assets as possible on your website. We can recommend a plugin for your webmaster to install. No web admin? We can help!)


We do our excellent Google Business Profile Setup for a very low $499 SPECIAL: $297 (includes 1-year of Support).

Support after the first year is available for a low $8.25/month (Annual Pricing)


Google Business Profile Is A Free And Easy-to-use Google Page For Businesses And Organizations To Manage Their Online Presence Across Google, Including Search And Maps. To Help Customers Find Your Business and Tell Them Your Story, You Can Verify Your Business And Edit Your Business Information.

Yes. Even Though It Doesn’t Seem Fair To Most Business Owners, Anyone Can Suggest A Change Or An Edit To Your Business Listing, Including Your Competition.

  • Add Your Business To Google Maps
  • Claim Your Google Maps Business Listing
  • Add Information To Your Google Maps Business Listing
  • Add Photos To Your Google Maps Business Listing
  • Get Google Reviews
  • Consolidate Your Google Maps Listings
  • Post Regularly To Your Google Maps Business Listing
  • Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive
  • Add Local Keywords To Your Website
  • Embed A Google Map On Your Website

  • Fill Out Your Whole Profile
  • Standout With Photos
  • Post News, Updates, And Special Offers
  • Add Special Features And Attributes
  • Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews
  • Build Trust By Responding To Reviews
  • Manage Everything In One Place With Hootsuite

Hashtags Are Unnecessary And Irrelevant On GMB, But A Few On-brand Emojis Can Be A Nice Touch. The Photos And Videos You Upload For Your Posts Should Be Professional-grade, Or As Near To It As You Can Manage.

​ The Minimum Is One Post Per Week Because Your GMB Post Will Expire After 7 Days. That Means If You Don’t Add New Content To Your Page, Prospects Won’t Be Able To See Anything On Your Gmb Listing Other Than Your Existing Information.

If Your Business Has A GMB Listing, Then All You Must Do Is Verify You Own It. The Most Common Way To Verify Your Listing Is By Receiving Your Verification Number Over The Phone Or By Postcard. Once Your Listing Is Verified, You’ll Be Able To Edit And Optimize Your Listing To Get It Promoted Above Your Competitors.

We believe it best to create an overall Digital Marketing Plan Or Review Your Current Plan Whenever You Add Or Change A Service. Take a moment and consider these other Social Media Services:


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