Investor Pitch Deck Market Slide
Market Slide Template Example

The 10-Slide Investor Pitch Deck should be made using a template so that there is a professional look-and-feel from page to page. Unless you are a Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides or Apple Keynote expert, making a template can be countless hours, or even days, of frustration. 

Because of this, most of you won’t use a Template. You will make each slide individually. Some of you will make one slide then “copy” it ten times to try to have a common look and feel. 

This method really doesn’t serve you well.


First, when you want to change a border color, embedded logo, font family, text color, text size – you have to go through each and every slide and make the same changes repeatedly – and hope you don’t miss any. Trust me, you will.

A Template solves that challenge.

With a template, you set up your border shapes and colors, embed your logo and tagline once, set the font-family and size once. Every new page uses all of the template settings to maintain that professional look-and-feel you want.

Plus, when you inevitably want to change a border shape, color, font or your logo, you simply update the master template page and, like magic, all of your pages in your slide deck are updated!

100+ Slides

I’m a devout believer in choice – and making things easy!

So, I’ve made 35 Templates Color Combinations from which you can choose without having to learn how to edit the Template!

Additionally, most of the 10 main presentation slides contain different template layout so you can simply swap a template layout to better “tell your startup story!” 

Best Practices Template Design

I spent countless hours building these templates for you so you could focus on adding the content – not getting the layout in a format that follows all of my Best Practices:

  • Font Sizes visible from 100′
  • High Contrast Fonts
  • Bold (non-pastel) color schemes
  • East to Read Fonts
  • Layouts Focus on Images – Not Words!


I “normally” sell our Investor Pitch Deck Templates for the incredibly low price of: (Keep Reading for Special Pricing!)

  • Microsoft Powerpoint – $199.99 USD
  • Google Slides – $199.99 USD
  • Apple Keynote – $199.99 USD

Isn’t a day of your time worth $199.99 USD? 

That’s 35 Slide Templates Themes, each containing over 100 slides!  Choose your software format  – Microsoft PowerPoint – Google Slides – Apple Keynote – or BUy All 3 at a special price.

It would take most of you more than a full day to create just one of these templates – if you were a PowerPoint, Google Slides or Apple KeyNote wizard!



Lifetime FREE Updates to the Templates.

Each client gets access to their own download page on this website, and you have lifetime access to the Investor Pitch Deck Templates and all the future versions we make! You never have to worry about paying another dime to access “The Next Version”!

I expect to regularly add to the Investor Pitch Deck templates so as new design patterns are created you will get them at NO EXTRA CHARGE!


Index Feature for Backup Slides.

You will learn in my book that although you will present only ten slides, you should have over 100 backup slides.

Most Entrepreneurs have these backup slides scattered throughout multiple files or all lumped haphazardly together into a single file.

When an investor asks you a question, you start madly looking for that one backup slide.

The investor rolls their eyes. 

My Templates Index Feature Bonus solves that challenge for you.

Slide #11 is the “Master Index” slide that will enable you 1-click access to any backup Subject Index –

  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Product Development,
  • Employee Background,
  • Incorporation Details,

and more.

Investor Pitch Deck Slide 11 Index Slide

Each Subject Section Link has its own Subject Index page of links to each page within its section.

I start you with examples of pages you should consider having for each Subject Index, but since I give you a ton of samples, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to add your own slide index content to each section. 

The numbered circles at the bottom of each page are hyperlinks that let you instantly ‘JUMP” to any other page from any page in the entire 100+ page slide deck! No one else we know of builds professional Investor Pitch Decks like this. Your investors will be amazed out how quickly you can POP to a support slide to answer their question, then POP BACK to the previous slide.

You are never more than 2-Clicks away from any slide out of over 100 slides!

Super professional presentation! I’ve set it all up for you!

Plus, every slide has a “Back Button” to pop you back to the Subject Index, then back to the Master Index (Slide #11).

People who have used my Investor Pitch Deck Template have told me the Index Feature for Backup Slides alone is worth the price4


Buy All 3 Versions
3-in-1 Template Bundle!

Thank You!

Again, Thank you for your time and consideration!
Kenneth Ervin Young
CEO, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author, Software Developer, Georgia Tech Engineer (BEE)