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Raising Venture Capital – Building Investor Pitch Decks – SEO – Digital Marketing – and More! Kenneth offers his Oral Presentation (Speaking) Services to audiences of 10+ at your offices or a location of your choice. 

Kenneth offers talks on a variety of Startup, Business & Website/IT Topics including:

  • Fund-raising for Startups
  • Build a Successful Investor Pitch Deck
  • Find the Right Investor for Your Startup
  • Monthly Newsletter – Why Having One is So Important
  • Business Websites – Get Your Website Built Right!
  • Personal Brand Website – Get the Job You Want – and Deserve!
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for (less-Technical) Leaders
  • Social Media (Digital) Marketing for (less-Technical) Leaders
  • Social Media (Digital) Marketing – Step-by-Step Guide for Marketers
  • … and More Topics…

My prices are far lower than many expect. I also offer space at the Centre Club of Tampa (Florida) for local businesses to meet for a 90-Minute “Lunch-n-Learn” talks.

Have an Idea for an important topic? Reach Out to me and let’s talk. 


Great question!

Start by emailing me about the challenge that you are interested in me speaking on, along with a couple of days/times that you can be available to chat by video, phone or F2F. 

I’ll get right back to you with a matching day/time to talk and we’ll go forward from there. 

You can have as many of your team attend as the venue allows. At my office, I have rooms that can seat 15 and rooms that can seat up to 200. 

Larger venues are available for use based on your needs.

My calendar fills up quickly each year as I accept bookings up to 12 months in advance. 

So, I suggest you book me ASAP. 

I do occasionally have openings on short-term notice, so if a speaker cancels on you at the last moment, reach out and I’ll do my best to help if I have an opening.


I only require that you agree to only use the video or audio for your company and not post the talk on any social media pages where it could be shared with those outside your team.