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Each week I spend time writing about one of the many challenging business topics that nearly every business person will experience as they move from Idea to Build to Launch to Growth Phases of their Company. I’ll dive deep into the topic and when we rise back to the surface together, you’ll have a thorough understand of how the challenge arises, options you will have before you to address the challenge, and the pros and cons of following each possible path to the best possible outcome.

I want you to be sure that you’re ready to move forward with your career by working with me. Towards this end I’m offering you a free 14-day trial – no credit card required! All I need is your email to sign you up.

During your 14-day trial you will get to pick any four of my newsletters to read and dive deep on. Only you know what your most your most pressing challenge is right now – so you pick the newsletters that should be of the most help for those immediate challenges.

At the end of the 14-day trial, or the reading of the fourth newsletter, I’ll ask you if I’ve helped you and if you want to sign-up to have full access to all my newsletters and the new one that will come out each week. If I’ve been of help, I hope you’ll signup and continue your learnings along with me. If not, I only ask that you share with me where I failed to help you so that I can improve.

Below are just a few of the topics I can help you, or your team, with:

● Company Formation

● Operating Agreements

● Steps: Idea to Build Phase

● Steps: Build to Launch Phase

● Steps: Launch to Growth Phase

● Hiring & Firing Co-Founders

● Building a Team

● Raising Seed Monies

● Pitching to Investors

● Raising Series A, B & C Monies

● Finding Your First Customers

● Using Your Website to Drive Growth

● Overcoming the “Imposter Syndrome”

● Planning Your Companies “Exit”

● Best Practices: On-boarding, Growing, Hiring, Firing

● … and So Much More!



14-Day FREE Trial