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Executive Training – Did you take that course in college? I doubt it. Even MBA college students don’t necessarily get hands-on training on ‘How-To’ education on day-to-day business life situations like:

  •  Delegation
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Setting Goals & Tasks for Direct Reports
  •  Talent Management
  •  Change Management
  •  Forward Thinking
  •  Confidence Without Arrogance
  •  Honesty and Integrity
  •  Be a Leader, not a Micro-Manager
  •  Management is Not the same as Leadership
  •  Ability to Listen and Debate
  •  … and More…

You and your management team will participate in four-hour or all-day sessions learning these critical management skills before its too late! You’ll leave with a new way of thinking about how to effectively manage, build and keep strong teams. 



Our first meeting together is exactly like a 30-minute blind first date. We need to chat a bit and learn more about each other. 

You need to get your questions about how I work with you, my experiences, learn a bit about my personality, to see if I’m the right Trainer for you, your team and the challenges you need help with.

I need to listen and answer your questions in a way that you easily understand. Only by understanding your challenges, learning a bit about how you are thinking about them, as well as what your challenges are, can I determine if I am the right Trainer to help you solve them.

Like I said, just like a blind first date!

Step 1: You reach out to me either by the contact form or by selecting a spot on the calendar on this page.

Step 2: We have a 30-minute video chat. During this time we get to know a bit about each other and the challenges you are facing. At the end, if we agree there is a match, we set a date and time for a 2 to 4-hour Training Session on the Topic you’ve chosen. 

Step 3: Training sessions are interactive. I talk. I ask questions of your team. Your team asks questions. There will be some 3-5 minutes quizzes that attendees take on their phones, tablets or laptops.

Step 4: We close the last 10-minutes where I refer attendees to followup material they should read or refer to on the training topic as the needs arise. 

Step 5: I followup by email within 24 hours asking each attendee for an assessment of the value they took away from the training. I follow up with each attendee 4- 6 weeks later with a short inquiry as to whether they used their training since our training session and specifically what part.

I do training only in person. 

If you are local to the Tampa, FL area, we can meet at the Centre Club of Tampa or at your office.

If you are outside of the greater Tampa FL area, I will travel to your location for training. 


Schedule a time for our initial chat. If we agree that we have a match, I will share a detailed outline of what I will be teaching.

After the training session, all attendees will have a membership account to access the slide deck I presented.