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With our Executive Coaching options, you will meet 1-on-1 with our CEO, Kenneth Young.

Kenneth will listen to you explain your challenges and work with you to make an actionable plan to attack and solve them.

He is a 25+ year Experienced Executive and Serial Entrepreneur.

Kenneth’s companies have successfully raised over $100M.

He has one IPO (Initial Public Offering – Cypress Semiconductor 👈) and several exits to acquiring companies under his belt.

Kenneth serves as an Alumni Mentor at GaTech, 👈 where he received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.

He serves as a Mentor and Investor Pitch Coach at the Tampa Bay WaVE 👈, Tampa Florida High-Technology Accelerator.

Kenneth has the Executive Experience to Help you Solve the Challenges you Face in most Business Situations.


It is a 1-on-1 high impact process that empowers CEOs and other Executive leaders (CXX, Presidents, VP’s)  to better understand their challenges and use those strengths to discover solutions so that they can grow as leaders and grow their businesses successfully!

Step 1: You reach out to me either by the contact form or by selecting a spot on the calendar on this page.

Step 2: We have a 30-minute video chat. During this time we get to know a bit about each other and the challenges you are facing. At the end, if we agree there is a match, we set a date and time for a 4-hour Kick-off Coaching Session. This will either be an 8 am until noon or 1 pm to 5 pm time slot.

Step 3: At our 4-hour Kick-off you will talk 75% of the time. You will describe your challenges. I will ask related questions. In the last hour, we will create a list of OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) designed together to guide you towards a set of solutions.

Step 4: We will have 1-hour followup meetings every 2 weeks (every week if you are in a crisis mode). You will report on your OKR progress. We will discuss how to catch up on delinquent items and the deliverables on the successfully completed OKR’s. 

Step 5: You complete your OKR’s successfully, and having solved your challenges, we shake hands and you move on with your business!

Each person’s needs are different. Initial sessions start with me listening to what you believe your challenges are and where you need help. I’ll ask questions to better get to know your experiences, comfort and distress levels.

Future sessions could include on-site observations and interviews with team members – if appropriate.

During sessions, you will work on developing action plans and sustainability plans.

For more detailed information on the coaching process, please contact us.

First and foremost, you should look for an experienced professional with whom you have good “chemistry” and a positive working alliance.

During the coaching process, you will have to be comfortable opening up to your coach to discuss the personal and professional stressors you’re facing.

You will also have to accept feedback and advice from your coach, so it’s important to find someone you can trust.

You should also review the coach’s working model.

Different coaches have different processes, so look for one that you think will best suit you.

Most IdeaToGrowth coaching clients are based in the Tampa Bay Florida area and sessions take place in person, either in the Idea To Growth LLC office or in the client’s workplace.

However, other clients are based in other parts of the United States.

Phone and video chat sessions also can be extremely effective for Executive Coaching.

Executive coaching is very personal engagement. Confidentiality is important to my clients. Nearly all executives seek out a coach for reasons that they are not comfortable letting board members, direct reports or employees know about. Although executives understand that seeking out a coach to help them improve their skills is a sign of strength, they also know that the less-informed may see the opposite. 

In general, I do not ask my current or former clients to give references, except by written testimonials in some cases (which we can share with you).

If you feel a reference you can speak to is necessary, there may be other concerns about coaching that still give you pause. Please bring these questions up directly.

We can meet either in person or by video chat.

If you are local to the Tampa, FL area, we would meet at the Centre Club of Tampa.


An open mind and a rested mind.

You know what challenges you are facing. It helps many of us to have a list of topics in a notes file before we chat. 


Our first meeting together is exactly like a 30-minute blind first date. We need to chat a bit and learn more about each other. 

You need to get your questions about how I work with you, my experiences, learn a bit about my personality, to see if I’m the right Coach for you and the challenges you need help with.

I need to listen and answer your questions in a way that you easily understand. Only by understanding your challenges, learning a bit about how you are thinking about them, as well as what your challenges are, can I determine if I am the right Coach to help you solve them.

Like I said, just like a blind first date!