Coaching – Intro Session

We’ll spend 15 minutes together by video chat – you’ll share your challenges and I’ll discuss how we can work together towards finding solutions.

Below are just a few of the topics I can help you, or your team, with:

● Company Formation

● Operating Agreements

● Steps: Idea to Build Phase

● Steps: Build to Launch Phase

● Steps: Launch to Growth Phase

● Hiring & Firing Co-Founders

● Building a Team

● Raising Seed Monies

● Pitching to Investors

● Raising Series A, B & C Monies

● Finding Your First Customers

● Using Your Website to Drive Growth

● Overcoming the “Imposter Syndrome”

● Planning Your Companies “Exit”

● Best Practices: On-boarding, Growing, Hiring, Firing

● … and So Much More!

15 Minutes Discovery Chat:


Your Challenges – My Help

Video Chat