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Hello! My name is Kenneth Ervin Young.  Thank you for visiting and considering us in your search for a solution to your business and life challenges.

I am what many would call a “Serial Entrepreneur”. I love to discover a great Idea, then Build a prototype, that I can then Launch to many clients so that I can Grow the original Idea into a Great Company – then sell it – and repeat the process.

This is what I call the Four Stages of every Successful Business:


It’s why I named my company IDEA TO GROWTH LLC.

If you are interested in accomplishing something similar in your life – there’s a pretty good chance I can help you.

By training, I am an Electrical Engineer. I earned my degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I and many consider Georgia Tech to be the #1 Engineering School in the world. The high number of foreign nationals and out-of-state students that apply every year seem to think so too. Our motto song is “I’m a Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech and a Hell of an Engineer”. Upon graduation, the survivors toss their graduation cap into the air and tell “We Survived”.

I share this about my past so that you understand an important piece of what drives me. I don’t accept excuses from others or myself. I don’t believe in “trying” to accomplish a task. One either succeeds or fails – there is no “try”. I don’t do much 1-on-1 coaching anymore. Frankly, most people who come to me asking for me to be their “Guide” don’t meet my standards. I will only share my time with those I think have a personal drive similar to my own an only lack a great “Guide”, or Mentor if you prefer that terminology, to help speed their journey and avoid the bigger landmines that could destroy their Idea or Career.

If I accept you as a Mentee I expect you do Listen, Ask Questions, and Execute.

If you buy my Books, Courses, Guides, Checklists or Swag, I expect you to put them to great use.

You can bet I am going to email each and every one of you and demand to know what actions you’ve taken since your purchase. I have no interest in anyone buying my works and letting them sit. I’m here to help the exceptional Entrepreneurs out there – not the posers.

If you have a friend or family member who has started their Entrepreneurial journey, gift them one of my products. I recommend starting with my book which you can buy here on my website. I promise my books will help them quickly figure out if they “Have what it Takes” to succeed at being an Entrepreneur. Those people that don’t need to figure that out as quickly as possible, Then they can focus on being the best at what other Entrepreneurs badly need – Great Employees!

If the about sounds tough – or even a big egotistical – it’s meant to sound exactly that way. Entrepreneurism IS HARD! I don’t like to see anyone waste their valuable time. Too many people spend $100K on college with no plan and end up deep in debt for 10-20-30 years. Too many people chase the wrong dream. If you follow my teachings, you will do neither.

I’m not going to stop you from making mistakes. It’s been proven time and time again, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.

I do promise to try to help you avoid stepping on the land mines that will kill your company.

I will also help you feel more confident in the decisions that you make that are the important milestones in your business life.

I will help you make the right decisions on the choice of the tools that will help you succeed.

If what I’ve described hasn’t scared you off then we may have a match.

If you’re ready to begin your great journey and have me as your “Guide”, spend some time exploring my website and decide what our first step together should be.

Kenneth Ervin Young


  1. We provide Executive Coaching that can Help get You and Your Firm quickly on-track and moving in the successful direction that you want.

  2. We provide Creative Responsive Websites (optimized for all screen sizes) and Hosting Services that get the attention of your new and existing clients around the world.

  3. We Provide Startup and Venture Capital Due Diligence Book Creation. The end product is a 700+ page Startup / Acquisition Due Diligence Book that answers all the key questions a Qualified Investor, Venture Firm or Acquiring Company wants to know prior to their Investment or Acquisition.

Our Team

Kenneth Ervin Young

Kenneth Ervin Young, CEO

Kyle Edward Young

Kyle Edward Young, Software Developer

Career Opportunities



100% medical, dental, & vision coverage (50% for dependents)


21 days of vacation, in addition to sick/safe leave & 10 holidays


PAID vacation: $3k/yr to spend while you’re away


4 months of fully paid parental, medical, or family leave


Full match of your 401(k), up to 3% of your salary


Stock options for all full-time staff, vesting at 25% each year


100% match of your annual charitable donation (up to $2000/yr approved charities)


Paid internet access and office equipment for your home (up to $40/m)


Flexible commute options (transit pass or subsidized parking)


10 face-to-face professional coaching sessions each year


Tuition reimbursement up to $2,000 each year (pre-approved courses)


Chocolate Chip Cookie bar, healthy (and not-so-healthy) snacks, & beverages

Current Openings

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Check Back Later – No Current Openings

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Our Location

We are located in the beautiful region of Tampa Bay in the state of Florida in the USA.

Our team is 100% located in the USA, including off-site part-time and full-time team members. We made this decision early on in our corporate life for several reasons.

One, building a strong and inclusive company culture is important to us and we did not feel we could maintain our culture outside of the USA. However, as we grow, and our customer base grows, we may give it a try. Citizens of other countries have a lot to contribute. We just want to take this step at the right time.

Second, some larger corporate website clients may have a sensitivity to their data being accessed outside of the USA. We wish to respect that as our current clientele is 100% USA based. As we grow into supporting clients in other countries, if they have similar concerns, we will cross that bridge when it occurs.

Third, the Founder and CEO, Kenneth Ervin Young, was born in Florida and loves living here.

  • Year-round excellent (warm) weather (excluding the occasional hurricane)
  • No state income tax
  • Great folks
  • An awesome business climate
  • An excellent higher education system
  • Great boating, swimming, skiing, snorkeling, scuba and more!
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