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17 Best Blog Title Creation Tips

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1. Use a number at beginning of blog title – 101 Ways….+36%
2. Odd-numbered title better than even number… +20%
3. Give clarity to what is in the post
4. Sentence case is best for titles…+300%
5. Use 57 characters or less in titles – target 45 characters. Stack your keyword in the front of the title
6. 6 Words are Ideal for Titles
7. Using 1 Superlative
8. Scare them into clicking by Using a Negative Superlative
9. Incorporate the most shared 3 word Buzz Feed Phrases into your title
10. Use “You” or “Your” in your title +21%
11. Don’t come across as pushy… -20%
12. Use a bracketed word at end of title[Template] [Infographic]…38%
13. Women like numbered blog titles even more than men do…20%
14. Use power words … 200% – see 180 Power words on website
15. Use only the word “How” if you’re going to ask a question in your title – no other
16. Use co-schedule tool to check your title before publishing
17. Use portant and tweak your biz to generate title examples

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